About Us

A Humble Beginning

UCI envisions capturing the market by supplying a diversified range of home and commercial equipments for our clients. With a humble beginning, UCI was set up under the wings of PT. Usaha Chunlan Indonesia in June 2010. PT. Usaha Chunlan Indonesia started his market presence in 2009 by distributing the renowned Chunlan Air Conditioners in Indonesia and is garnering much support in the industry till now. Introducing UCI as a local Indonesian brand, the organization is exploring possibilities in providing the Indonesian market with UCI as a domestic brand. UCI’s current product offerings include Air Conditioners and Kitchen Equipments.

As UCI spreads his variety of product offerings, UCI has become an interest to developers and contractors seeking a one stop solution for their projects. With a portfolio of distribution outlets in Jakarta and the expansion of markets beyond, UCI has provided numerous project installations and B2C sales. UCI’s achievements so far include but are not limited to:

  • RS. Harapan Bunda, Jl. Raya Bogor KM 22
  • RS. Centra Medika, Jl. Raya Bogor KM 33
  • RS. Medika Cikarang, Jl. Industri Pasir
  • Rest Area SPBU Kartini, Bekasi 
  • Rest Area SPBU Narogong 
  • Rest Area SPBU Merak KM 68 A dan KM 68 B
  • Rumah Makan CIBIUK, Rest Area KM 45
  • Edi’s Kitchen Restaurant, Rest Area KM 45
  • Chicken Brooaster Restaurants
  • Domino’s Pizza Restaurants
  • Burger King Restaurants
  • Bell & Pepper Restaurants
  • E Bar 
  • Daily Foodhall
  • PT. Hero Supermarket, Tbk


Perfecting Comfort – Our Commitment

“Perfecting Comfort” strongly reflects UCI’s commitment to serve the needs and ensuring the pursuit of a seamless solution to all our clients. By streamlining the operations into two channels, B2B and B2C, UCI’s success formula lies in building the clients’ trust, delivering quality products and services. UCI promises her relentless search for products to satisfy the interest of all our concerned stakeholders.

Wednesday the 17th. PT. USAHA CHUNLAN INDONESIA. P: +6221 65301628 || F: +6221 65301769 MdaHosting